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One ESG MarketPlace
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Manaos gathers relevant ESG financial service providers on an Open servicing platform to allow Asset Managers and Institutional Investors to analyse their portfolios, sift each of their ESG variables and adopt a pro-active stance on sustainable investing.


A forward-thinking
on your investments

In a complex, fast-moving environment where sustainable investing is becoming the norm, Manaos provides institutional investors with the ESG analysis tools they need to uncover all aspects of their portfolios, deepen the transparency of their investments and adopt investment decisions based on advanced environmental, social and governance look-throughs.


Effective connections
to focus on your
business priorities

The Manaos marketplace gives Asset Managers and Owners the ability to discover, test and engage with service providers in the most agile and cost-effective way. Results are integrated onto a single dashboard to give you the most comprehensive view of the assets you have at hand and enable swift, sound decision-making.

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