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What you'll be

App's key features
• Portfolio’s footprint across 6 different environmental and social dimensions
• Comparison to a benchmark of your choice

Provider's key features
• Strong data reliability and coverage generated by AI capabilities
• Instantaneous and unlimited scoring with flat fee pricing

Is it for you?

Target users
• Sustainability product development teams
• Marketing & client facing teams
• Legal & Compliance teams

Use cases
• Data sourcing
• Visualisation and analytics
• Marketing
• Compliance and reporting

Coverage overview
• Securities type: Equity, bonds, sovereigns, funds and ETFs
• Company sizes: Small-cap, mid-cap, large-cap
• Regions: Global (LATAM, NAM, EMEA, Asia, Oceania, Africa)

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  • ESG Impact
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  • Climate
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  • UN SDGs
    Create measurable impact for people and the planet.

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