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Accessing ESG services
has never been so easy

Upload, 'look through' and score your funds data, all from single access point.

Step 1

Portfolio Upload, Standardisation & Look-Through

As an investor

␥ Upload the portfolios you wish to disclose holdings for in one click
␥ Through our COLLECTION APP, request access from your Asset Managers for each inventory once and automate the process by setting up a frequency for your requests
␥ Monitor your aggregation process in real time and be sure to meet your deadline thanks to the controls run by Manaos to ensure data integrity, exhaustivity and punctuality

As an asset manager

␥ Upload your inventory files once on the Manaos platform. Manaos recognises the file format and converts it into a standard one. You’re informed immediately in case of any discrepancy or data inconsistency.
␥ Through the DISSEMINATION APP, centralise the requests of your investors on our platform and monitor access requests: your approval is covered by the confidentiality terms of the Manaos T&C.
␥ Take back control of your data: Manaos encrypts your files with a specific organisation key. You can monitor each access to it.

Step 2

The Open ESG marketplace

As an investor or an asset manager

␥ Access and test a variety of ESG apps to source data and scorings suited to market trends and regulatory needs (SFDR, EU Taxonomy, ESG, SDGs, Paris Alignement)
␥ Save yourself the hassle to establish and maintain a complex network of bilateral relationships throughout the post—trade value chain
␥ Prove investment concepts fast and cost-efficiently to adjust or scale your service mix

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