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Key features
• Your portfolio’s performance, measured against the 17 SDGs and four thematic SDG groups
• The current and historic performance of your portfolio and its constituents, measured against each of the 17 SDGs
• The geographic footprint of your portfolio

Who for
• CIOs
• Fund management
• Product development
• Marketing
• Legal & Compliance
• Anyone else trying to get an edge in a market that leans on the same, tired sustainability themes and companies

Use cases
• Data sourcing
• Visualisation and analytics
• Marketing
• Compliance and reporting

• Securities type: Equity
• Companies type: Every listed companies in the world
• Regions: Global

About Util

  • Objective: Util looks only at the real-world impact of a company’s products & services and draw its conclusions from peer-reviewed journals, making it the most objective sustainability dataset available.
  • Comparable: Because Util does not rely on disclosures and ratings, which vary depending on company size and region, every company is subjected to the same methodology—allowing users to compare any two like-for-like.
  • Scalable: Util holds the largest sustainability dataset on the market. Their analytics cover every listed company in the world—almost 50,000 of them—meaning it can be applied to, and measured against, any equity investable universe.

About Util

“Util helps investors understand and compare the real-world impact of their investments. Using advanced machine-learning technology, our analytics provide greater depth, accuracy and coverage than traditional datasets or aggregators. We’re delighted to partner with Manaos to give clients unparalleled insight into how their portfolios affect the myriad, highly complex, social and environmental challenges facing the world.”

Patrick Wood Uribe, CEO of Util

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