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Lost with ESG? We've been there.
Let us show you the way.

Our experience taught us one or two things on how to tackle ESG strategies in a cost-efficient way. But to be able to take measured decisions, we first need to figure out what is at stake.

␥ Market context

Why is it so complex?

Sustainable investment products are no longer "nice to have" and are now completely indispensable. And yet, most players in the field are struggling to define which elements are necessary to define a proper ESG strategy. We did some research and found that the difficulty in shifting towards ESG stems from 2 key factors.

Key factor #1

Your data is managed on inadequate low-tech systems

  • Legacy infrastructures prevent data interconnectivity
  • Data is either incomplete or obsolete
  • Data management standards are not in place
  • Data gathering still requires inefficient or unreliable manual cleaning
  • Key factor #2

    The countless parameters to consider when defining an ESG strategy make it hard to take decisions

  • Fragmented ESG data landscape with numerous providers and fintechs
  • Lack of relevant forward-looking ESG data
  • Low correlation between ESG data vendors
  • Lack of ESG data standards and diverging methodologies across asset classes
  • ␥ Any best-in-class approaches?

    The 3 most common approaches to ESG

    Institutional investors and asset managers are now focused on sustainable investment as "the next big thing". With this need for change comes a sense of urgency dictated by the market and regulators, but also by the alarming impact of climate change on our planet (which is ultimately the key driver of this change!).

    What makes this change all the more challenging is that all players in the field (including regulators) have a very short-term vision on the potential outcomes, and don't always know which approach to adopt.

    Whether you're Chief Investment Director at a major insurance company or Head of an asset management boutique, chances are you have been thinking about the best ways to approach ESG.

    Out of all of these choices, we'll cover the 3 most common approaches currently adopted on the market and look into why all 3 miss the mark.

    #1 The DIY Approach

    "I’ll go green on my own"
    Settle down there, Hulk!

    Unless you're managing a highly skilled team of developers and you have several millions to allocate to your ESG compliance, you might not want to go this way. It is likely to be the most costly of all approaches and to harshly affect your ROI.

    #2 The Five-Star Approach

    "I’ll outsource it all."
    Only if profits can wait.

    Choose this approach if you are opting for a premium service. This option will save you time and hassle but will not protect your margins.

    #3 The One-by-One Approach

    "I’ll choose the ESG providers that fit my current needs, and no more."
    Farewell, agility!

    The urge to start somewhere with ESG doesn't mean you should start just anywhere. Players who factor out the instability of the ESG investing market could fall short of ideas when their investment turns out to be irrelevant 12 months from now. We strongly believe that a lack of visibility should come with a need for flexibility, and searching for and contracting with ESG investors one-by-one sounds like a choice you might regret.

    ␥ What are these approaches missing? Why can’t they work?

    3 takeaways for your ESG strategy

    After years of client-focused research aimed at figuring out the secrets to building a cost-efficient ESG strategy in an unpredictable context, here are the 3 most valuable lessons we learned on the way.

    ␥ How can we help?

    Enabling investors to operate effectively by those principles is exactly where our value stands.

    Thanks to our Open ESG marketplace, Manaos is revolutionizing the way investors think about ESG. At last, investors can connect to leading ESG fintechs easily and securely. Here's how it works.

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  • Open ESG marketplace

    Turn your investment data into a goldmine in seconds.

  • Connect your investment data to the leading-edge ESG tech companies and data providers
  • Choose ESG applications to connect to from an ever-evolving catalogue
  • Understand the ESG colors of your portfolio
  • Benefits Summary

    ① Connect your data to the ecosystem simply

    • Get a full look-through of your portfolio at asset-level in seconds
    • Access the best of ESG fintechs and regtechs on a single marketplace
    • Profit from integrations with key asset servicers such as BNP Paribas Securities Services

    ② Proof-test curated ESG providers in seconds

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    ③ Roll out your ESG strategy smoothly

    • Deploy your ESG strategy while keeping costs and security under control
    • Manage ESG marketing and reporting and get set for SFDR, EU Taxonomy and TCFD
    • Revert to field-test mode cost-efficiently if your strategy requires adjusting

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