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A vault for your data
at bank-level security

Manaos uses state of the art security to respond to your need for transparency and harmonised exchanges. Our platform combines the latest advances in public cloud technology with BNP Paribas security standards when it comes to compliance, data security and data privacy.

Data Encryption

Reconciling data exchanges
with privacy

Data Privacy

All the data in the files shared on the Manaos platform is encrypted with a unique key for your organisation, that only designated members can decrypt. A single organisation manager delivers access rights to people in their organisation, ensuring only the authorised users are interacting on the platform through dedicated user accounts.

Secure Exchanges

As an organisation, you can take back control on your data by managing Access Requests and monitoring who has access to your private files. Anytime you wish to share a file outside of your organisation, Manaos decrypts and re-encrypts it with a new unique key, so that the file received is only accessible by the receiver organisation.

Cloud facility

Hosting your data
on the most secure cloud environment
available today

Hosted on Amazon Web Services, designed to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment, Manaos uses a secure infrastructure and isolated networks to treat data. The platform security is constantly monitored and rigorously tested using AWS services to ensure the highest security levels. “Pen tests” are conducted with external service providers to identify any potential weakness to be addressed. With its own applicative Log Data System and a continuous monitoring of every activity performed on its platform, Manaos is suited to audits and third-party validations.

Banking standards

Approved by
BNP Paribas

Manaos’ global architecture, hosting, web services and encryption process have been validated by the BNP Paribas Global IT Teams and are regularly audited to ensure that they remain at “bank level security”. This validation also covers compliance, data security and data privacy.

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