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SDG Analysis
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SDG analytics for financial portfolios: With 164+ positive impact categories aligned with the SDG Taxonomy and 45 SDG risk exposure metrics across companies representing 99% of global market capitalization, Trucost SDG Analytics offer portfolio-level metrics to minimize SDG risk exposure and maximize SDG-alignment.

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App's key features
• Quantify positive and negative SDG alignment of financial portfolios.
• Provide global coverage, factoring region specific risks and value creation opportunities.
• Assess SDG alignment through the value chain from raw material inputs to product disposal.
• Establish data models with market consultation to overcome limited SDG disclosure.
• Compare SDG alignment across peers, sectors and portfolio benchmarks, in a consistent way.
• Integrate evolving datasets and modelling techniques to continually refine SDG insight.

Provider's key features


Is it for you?

Target users
• Asset Owners
• Portfolio Managers
• Banks/Insurance Companies

Use cases
• Identify positive and negative impacts of companies in financial analysis
• Report the impact of funds in an SDG aligned way

Coverage overview
• 99% of global market capitalization

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