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ESG Analysis
Powered by V.E, part of Moody's ESG Solutions

Whether its for risk management, index construction, portfolio management or reporting, V.E’s ESG Analysis app provides you with the insights required to integrate ESG with confidence.

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Key features
• 0 – 100 scores at overall and domains levels. Additional scores on up to 38 underlying ESG criteria
• Summary report: a consolidated view of your ESG performance

Who for
• Asset Owners
• Portfolio Managers
• Banks/Insurance companies

Use cases
• Manage the composition of your portfolio in relation to your responsible investment strategy
• Identify the issuers reducing the ESG performance of your portfolio
• Benefit from scalable and comparative ESG “portfolio snapshot” that includes areas of risk
• Communicate with your internal or external fund managers

• Global
• All assets
• 10,000 issuers

About V.E

  • Expertise: global pioneer in ESG assessments, data and tools and sustainable finance
  • Quality: impactful tailor-made reports to showcase the performance of your investments
  • Credibility: active contributor to market standards since 1983

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