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Add Artificial Intelligence
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Clarity AI is a leading data science and tech company that operates in the field of sustainable investment, with the aim to bring impact to the market by focusing the world’s investors towards the companies that make the most difference.

Discover Clarity AI's valuable applications

  • ESG Risk
  • ESG Impact
  • UN SDGs
  • Climate
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  • Regulatory ˢᴼᴼᴺ

ESG Risk

Don't take more ESG risks than you should

Reduce risk and/or generate alpha by adding valuable information to traditional financial analysis, and understand how your portfolio’s constituents are managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.

Key features:
• High level portfolio ESG risk scores and coverage
• Subset of ESG risk categories’ metrics
• Top 10 organisations' ESG risk performance

ESG Impact

Measure your portfolio's impact on people and the planet

Contribute to positive impact in society, by understanding how your investments (and their holding) are creating measurable environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact.

Key features:
• Total ESG impact score
• Subset of ESG impact categories’ metrics
• Top 10 organisations' ESG impact performance 


Clarify your investments' impact across the 17 UN SDGs

Contribute to maximizing sustainable growth by understanding how your investments have the potential to create measurable impact for people and the planet.

Key features:
• Total UN SDGs impact score
• Individual SDGs scores and 16 more granular scores across SDGs


See how your portfolio contributes to climate change

Have an impact on the creation of a low-carbon global economy, by understanding the carbon related risks and opportunities of your portfolio.

Key features:
• Carbon scores based on current and future commitments
• Alignment with the 2015 Paris Agreement scenarios
• Carbon footprint on 4 TCFD-recommended metrics
• Top 10 organisations' Climate performance


Discover your portfolio’s exposure to controversial topics

Invest in funds aligned with your values, by understanding exposure to controversial topics such as tobacco, gambling, adult entertainment, weapons etc.

Key features:
• Exposure and exclusion
• 30+ controversial topics

Powered by Clarity AI

“Our aim is to bring impact to markets by focusing the world’s investors towards the companies that make the most positive difference. Historically, investors were unable to obtain this information due to data fragmentation, subjective ratings, and a lack of tools. Through our partnership with BNP Paribas and Manaos, investors can assess and report the sustainability of their investments at the touch of a button.”

Rebeca Minguela, founder and CEO of Clarity AI

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