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The Open ESG

Manaos is a SaaS platform that connects institutional investors to the best traditional and fintech ESG providers in a fast, simple and secure way.

SaaS is more

Simple Access

␥ A one-stop shop for all ESG sourcing and reporting​
␥ A SaaS platform to provide hassle-free integration between Asset Owners, Asset Managers and ESG providers.
␥ Data management and harmonisation technology​
␥ Real time data transfer monitoring​
␥ Easy data gathering and sharing
␥ Built-in portfolio look-through capabilities​
␥ Turnkey contractual activation with providers​

  • Say goodbye
    to emails

    Set up a frequency and automate your data sharing using our secure exchange module

  • Take back control
    of your data

    Asset managers, upload your inventories once and define who can access it and when

  • Monitor your file
    gathering process

    The inventory data is controlled in seconds and aggregated in real time

  • Know exactly where your money is invested

    Gain access to a comprehensive look through your portfolios of investments

An ever-evolving app catalogue

Evolutive Marketplace

␥ A gathering of the best ESG data and rating providers and fintechs on the market​
␥ An ever-evolving catalogue of ESG applications​ with flexible roadmap
␥ Comprehensive scoring capabilities​
␥ Designed for product development, marketing & sales and compliance use cases​
␥ Global asset classes, issuer sizes and geographical coverage
␥ Sandbox and production mode for better implementation risk management and cost efficiency​

Find out your portfolio scores thanks to our marketplace applications.

  • UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • ESG Scoring & Impact
  • Carbon Footprint & Climate
  • wind 2
    Physical Risks
  • Exposures & Exclusions
  • Biodiversity

A vault for your data

Secure Technology

␥ Cloud platform at bank-level security​
␥ Secure data exchanges​
␥ Segregated end-to-end data encryption

Certified by​

  • Secure
    data exchanges

    with the latest design patterns for software engineering, data encryption and segregation.

  • Data encryption

    with a unique access key for your organisation and tools to monitor who accesses your data.

  • Cloud platform
    at bank-level security

    reconciling the latest advances of public cloud with BNP Paribas security standards.

You'll never go back!

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